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The Summer Championships September 2011

This year Mijas Lawn Bowls club was pleased to host the 2011 Costa de Sol Summer Championships. It proved to be a good competition, well run, by Roberto Wright with a very nice atmosphere. The weather was still quite hot and all the games were played out with good heart and enjoyed by the spectators. All the games were well matched.

Mixed Fours

Through to the first fours semi-final were Benalmadina’s Norma Ewen, Greg Elwood, Bill Gregory and Mike Stapleton against Lauro’s Trevor Burgin, Pam Burgin, Terry Morgan and Clair Dye. It was a close match with Lauro getting through to the final by one shot.

The second fours semi-final was between St Maria’s Gordon Kain, Murray Johns, Margery Johns and Margaret Kain against

Benalmadina’s Geoff Edgington, Pat Baker, Carol Hall and Mike Allen. This game saw St Maria’s team get through. So then we had a final between St Maria and Lauro. This is a really good match going right down to the last end, Lauro the winners by two woods.


The teams through to the triples semi final were St Maria’s Gordon Kain, Murray Johns and Margaret Kain against Mijas’s John Warn, April Attenborough and John Fenton.

St Maria getting through to the final.

The second semi final saw Benalmadina’s Norma Ewan, Bill Gregory and Maureen Robertshaw playing Benalmadina’s Mike Detheridge, John Green and Alan Plimmer. It was a good game with Mike’s team winning 19-16 getting through to the final.

The Final was a very good game to watch, it had the audience enthralled. The lead changed hands all the way through and finished all square, so an extra end was played. It was exciting to watch, resulting in a St Maria win.

The Pairs

In the first pairs Semi final. Lauro’s Trevor Burgin and Terry Morgan played Don Smith and Jimmy Taylor from Mijas, this game saw Trevor and Terry going through to the final.

The other semi final was Benalmadina’s John Sullivan and Lenny Dineen against Gordon Kain and Murray Johns from St Maria This was a close game and they had to play an extra end John and Lenny getting through to the final.

So John and Lenny (Benalmadina) played Trevor and Terry (Lauro), this was a good game but Trevor and Terry were the victors.

Ladies Singles

In the Semi finals Kate Morris (Benalmadina) played Amber Dineen (Benalmadina), this was also a good game and Amber played well, but it was Kate who came through to win. In the second semi final Geraldine Robinson (Mijas) played Mary Hilton (St Maria). Mary started well with Geraldine catching up but it was Mary who got through.

The final was now between Kate Morris (Benalmadina) and Mary Hilton (St Maria), Kate started well and Mary not so well Mary could not catch up in time, so Kate is now the queen of the winter and the summer Champions. Very well done Kate.


Mens Singles

In the Mens Semi final Dudley Calder (Mira Flores) played Tony Frowd (Benalmadina), which Tony won. In the other semi final, Alan Turner (Los Amigos) played Trevor Burgin (Lauro) which Trevor won.

Mans single final.

Then we had a final with Trevor Burgin (Lauro) and Tony Frowd (Benalmadina) this was the last game of the competition which had a large audience. With Tony playing at his best, Trevor had to work hard to try to keep up but he could not catch Tony who became the victor.

Mijas President Rob Robinson first thanked the markers, Umpires, Bar staff and Carol Wright who ran the Kitchen so well and helped her husband Roberto to run his first competition, and all the people who had helped make this competition such a success. It all went well and the atmosphere was so good. Carol was given two bunches of flowers and the whole audience applauded. All the people who entered the competition were thanked for making it such a good event. If competitors don’t go in for these it would be a shame. We need for them to enter to keep this coast’s Bowls clubs going.

The prizes were given out by the sponsors Mike Dennis for Peter Male and Mike Collins for New Day Properties who were kind enough to help sponsor the competition in these difficult times.



                            Triples Winners                                 Singles Winners                              Ladies Singles Winner


                        Mens Singles Winner                                 Mike & Mike                                        Pairs Winners

Fours Winners