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Our Visit to the San Miguel Brewery

On Monday the 7th of November some of our members went on a visit to the San Miguel Brewery near the Airport in Malaga.

We met up in the car park and Elvira the lady in charge of visits to the brewery took us on the official tour. It turned out to be a very interesting tour. We went through the whole factory the wrong way round. We started with the bottling plant; this is a very big building with lots of bottles and cans and also barrels. We were on a tall gantry looking down on it all. Elvira was telling us all about the process and we asked her a lot of questions. She was able to give us all the information we wanted. She tolled us about the history of beer and the story of San Miguel Beer Company. The first factory to produce San Miguel beer was in 1890, the Malaga factory was opened in 1966. There was a short film about how they had prospered through the last 50 years.

We saw the Hops and yeast, the water and how they made different beers. They have a laboratory on the premises’ to keep them up to the best hygiene. At the end of the tour we were offered some light tapas and any beer we wanted to taste. We also were given some gift bags of beer. Everyone who went on the tour said they enjoyed it, I would say it was a very good trip.