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NEWSLETTER 2013 / 2014


The very first newsletter was dated 2004/2005 and began with the sentence "Welcome to the first of what could become an annual newsletter to all Mijas members, depending on how well this one is received..........". Now, pen is being put to paper for the 10th edition, which maybe speaks for itself!

There is sad news to begin with as three founder members have passed away during 2013. They are Harry Kinloch who had not been in Spain for many years and died aged 94, Dorothy Sproat whose husband Edwin died a few years ago and who also had stopped wintering in Spain several years previously and Edna Porter who had been fighting cancer for a very long time and finally, sadly, lost that battle. Certainly all members of the club would wish to send their best wishes to the families of Harry, Dorothy and Edna.

This winter some members have not been able to bowl because of health problems. These are Jean and Brian Lancaster as Jean discovered soon after she returned to England in the spring of 2013 that she had the dreaded cancer, Franco Tinelli who has had to return to England twice through ill health, and April Attenborough who has had a knee operation which has caused problems. Before Christmas Roy Graveling was not at all well but it is good to see him back on the green again now. Val and Tony Thornton returned to England for a while as Tony had to have a biopsy on a lump on his neck, but happily, that turned out to be benign. Val and Ivan Smith have only managed to get to Spain in late March as Ivan has also been ill. Finally, Harry and Margaret Tristram have not been here as they are seeing a grand-daughter, who does not enjoy good health at present, through college. On a better note, Jean and Brian have managed a two week visit in late March and it is hoped that Jean will be given the all clear to return as normal in September/October.

As always, the social committee with Carol Wright at the helm, has been very busy. Shortly after the last newsletter was completed some summer events took place, among which were Fathers' Day in June when a group went to the Tamisa Golf Hotel for a lunch and on a Sunday in July another small party of bowlers and friends enjoyed lunch at the Restaurante Beasol. Finally, to welcome back the "snowbirds" once more, a summer barbecue was held late in September.

Then the new season really got under way as Hallowe'en was celebrated when bowlers, suitably attired for the occasion, took part in a "fun" competition which was followed by a meal in the clubhouse.

Christmas seemed to come very quickly on to the calendar and the first of the festivities was the Dinner Dance which was once again held at the Restaurante Val Paraiso, the members' favourite venue, where, on 10th December, many members and their friends thoroughly enjoyed an evening of good food and good company. That event was quickly followed on 15th December by the Christmas Draw which took the form of afternoon bowling, Christmas refreshments and after that the draw. The prizes had been very carefully selected by Carol and many members left very happy that they had won one of them. On Boxing Day bowling had been organised for the morning for those who wished to work off some of their Xmas Day indulgences; following this a lunch had been booked at a new venue, La Gavia, in Torreblanca. On the left is Carol about to "mussel in". It was no doubt a coincidence that there was a fire in the kitchen in La Gavia only a short while after we were there. The last of the Christmas social events was Three Kings' Day which had to be celebrated a day early this year as the Costa del Sol Annual Ladies' and Men's Triples was due to start on Monday 6th January at Mijas. Bowling took place in the morning when the winners were, in 1st place, Alan Bloom and Sheila Graveling, and in joint 2nd place Kevin Bloe with Judy Hutton and Val Allard with Robert Wright. Afterwards Carol served lasagne and salad, and for dessert what else but Three Kings cake. The prize for "best crown" was won by Diane Rycroft.


After the plethora of Christmas events, there was a short rest in the social calendar until Valentine's Day for which nearly everybody turned out in something red for the bowling which took the form of the Juliettes versus the Romeos. There were two Juliettes short so they were joined by Roberta Rose and Antoinette, alias Robert Wright and Tony Land who brought much laughter to the rink when they appeared appropriately dressed. If you look closely at the photograph you may recognise one of them. The winners were Barbara's Babes team of Barbara Land, Sheila Graveling and Pat Swift and Tony's Torments team of Tony Thornton, Geoff Hutton and Roy Graveling. Overall the Romeos won the match!! This was followed by a quiz, then Carol's chicken and vegetables, and after that cheesecake and Jenny Parkin's delicious carrot cake. The helpers on that occasion were Carol Jacobs and Gladys Bloe with Bob Jacobs in charge of the bar.

During March a visit was organised by Carol to see "Whistle Down the Wind" at the Salon VarietÚs. Finally, an outing was organised on Mothers' Day at the Sol y Sombra (formally the 19th Hole) when more than 20 members, past and present sat down,in brilliant sunshine, to an enjoyable lunch.

Carol Wright is is giving up the Social Committee and the kitchen after three years. The sincere thanks of all members go to Carol for her hard work and dedication during that time and she, in turn, wishes to thank all those who have helped and supported her.

The "Ball and Chain" took place during December. Four Mijas members did extremely well as Peter and Val Allard reached the semi-final of the main competition before they were knocked out and Tony and Val Thornton lost in the final of the "Plate" competition.

The Mijas Masters was, as usual, played in January; the start, scheduled for 18th January, had to be delayed for two days because heavy rain fell overnight which made the green unplayable. The Pairs competition saw Ann and John Fenton reach one semi-final, but they lost a 6 on the 16th end and had no time to recover. The winners of the Triples were John Fenton (who replaced an injured Kevin Bloe) and Geraldine Robinson with John Sullivan (Benalmadena). The prizes were presented by a representative of BMI, the sponsors of the event. A buffet prepared by the two Carols brought the competition to a close. This was very closely followed by the Costa del Sol Annual Ladies' and Men's Triples which this year was hosted by Mijas. Worthy of special mention is the fact that Ann Fenton, Doris Mellor

and Val Thornton, who all normally play lead, teamed up together, and, on their way to the semi-final, in which they were unfortunately knocked out by just one shot, they scored a "hot shot", a rare occurrence.

In other events along the coast Mijas has had some successes. For example, in the Miraflores Open Chris Rycroft, Carol and Robert Wright reached the final of the Mixed Triples. Also in that event Barbara Land, who had won the Ladies' Singles in 2009 and 2012 and had been runner-up in 2010 and 2011, was once again the winner; she went into the last end 20/20 against Margaret Kain and clinched victory with her last wood. In the Malaga Cup, which took place at Lauro, Barbara enjoyed a somewhat easier victory in the Ladies Singles. Those two wins secured for Barbara the position of number one bowler for a while. Barbara was also part of a winning Rinks team in the Malaga Cup. Not surprisingly, she was invited to play again for Team Malaga against the Spanish squad where she won three out of the four matches in which she played.

Then at the end of January the In-House competitions took place. The Drawn Triples had been played to a close earlier as one entrant had to return to England to make arrangements for a knee operation. Two "firsts" were recorded in this event as it was thought to be the first time that a husband and wife, Ron and Pam Cole, had been drawn to play together in the Drawn Pairs and similarly nobody could remember a husband and wife, Val and Tony Thornton, playing against each other in the Handicap Singles final. The results, after some very close games were:

Event Winner/s                                                                        Finalist/s

Ladies' Singles Geraldine Robinson                                             Barbara Land

Men's Singles Tony Land                                                           John Fenton

Handicap Singles Tony Thornton                                               Val Thornton

Drawn Pairs Ron Cole & Pam Cole                                            Peter Allard & Geoff Collins

 Drawn Triples Peter Allard Charles McIntyre & Geoff Collins       Hal Briscoe June Briscoe & Jim Taylor

The prize giving evening was held on Monday 10th February at Restaurante El Guaje in Los Boliches at which over 40 people were present.

The League Teams have not done as well this year, largely due to the lack of players through illness and/or injury. The Tigers finished very close to the bottom of their division but the Lions did rather better by finishing at about the half-way mark. Those who have played in the league teams must be thanked for giving up their time to represent the club. The summer "triangular" of 2013 resulted in a win for Benalmadena. Maybe it will be the turn of Mijas to win again this coming summer.

This year we have welcomed eight new members to the Mijas "family", namely, Michael and Eileen Bone, Janice Ivil, Shirley and Charles McIntyre at the beginning of the bowling year, and more recently, Roy and Sheila Garland and Edwin Hewitt. We hope that they will all enjoy many years of bowling at Mijas and very importantly the friendship which is part of the club. In addition some temporary members, Jean King, David and Christine Peasy, Pat and Bill Swift and Keith Morris have been with us for part of the season and we hope to see them again in the future. Former members Jim and Deena King and Brian and Pam Attwood have also visited as temporary members.

Two different events have occurred during this season, the first being a visit from the Mijas television crew on 11th February when bowling was filmed on a club day and some members were interviewed. The second was a "Come and try it morning" when any interested people were offered a completely free session of either tuition with Ann or bowling with members, depending on whether they had ever bowled before or not. This attracted 17 visitors on the day of whom three have already become members and we hope there may be more to come.

Once again we have not had the number of visiting parties which we once enjoyed, but those who do come certainly enjoy themselves and often say they intend to return. It really is to be hoped that the number of these parties will increase at some stage in the future as there is no doubt that they are an excellent source of income.

Not much mention has been made of the garden for a year or two, so it is time to make amends. Juan is continuing to keep the garden looking increasingly colourful and the car park area tidy and almost weed free. He plants new specimens like the one on the left here. Unfortunately he could not remember the name of it but said it is a member of the "castup" family, and nobody is going to argue with him about that! By the way, who put that pole there? The climbers which he put along the road side are continuing flourish and have more flowers each year.

In addition to his work in the garden he also continues to look after the green and the outside areas of the club, which always look very well cared for. At present he is solving the problem of a water leak which is somewhere underneath the outer seating area. What would we do without him?

Now the busy season is coming to a close as there is only one visiting party still to come, the final competition of the winter is almost at an end and the "snow birds" are gradually disappearing back to the UK to commence their outdoor summer bowling. Those left at Mijas are already preparing for the summer "triangular".

Wherever you are spending the summer months it is hoped that you will enjoy good weather, good bowling and, most importantly, good health, so that you will be able to return to Spain in the autumn, ready for that hectic schedule once again.

LATEST NEWS: In the final competition of the winter season, the Winter Championships, Geraldine Robinson reached the final of the Ladies' Singles, but very unfortunately, did not finish as the winner.