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Newsletter 2012/2013 


This year the newsletter is beginning with an event which took place only a matter of weeks after the last one was published. That event was the first of the club's Silver Jubilee celebrations in the form of a dinner and dance at the Restaurante Valparaiso which was greatly enjoyed by members and their friends. The second, and perhaps the most important part of these celebrations, took place in October, when four members, the Captain plus three others, were invited from clubs along the coast making a total of seventy-two bowlers who together enjoyed a day of bowling along with lunch including wine which was prepared and served by Carol Wright and her helpers Gladys Bloe and Carol Jacobs. The clubhouse was so beautifully decorated that those present held their breath as they entered. The day as you can well imagine proved to be very, very successful.

That was not the only jubilee celebrated at Mijas; the other, of course, was none other than the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen, when the members enjoyed a barbecue and sat in the sun toasting the Queen with cava while watching her and other members of the royal family sailing along the River Thames in the pouring rain!

Not quite a jubilee event, but a very important one nevertheless, was the ninetieth birthday of Alastair Garden in November last, when he and Lily were invited to a party, complete with birthday cake, and presents at the club. Alastair, who no longer is able to play bowls, was very touched that he had been remembered in such fashion. In his speech he said that if he had known that he was going to last so long, he would have looked after himself better!! They both thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

Carol Wright does voluntary work at the Salon VarietÚs and so is always on hand to make reservations for the many theatre visits which have taken place during the autumn and winter months. "The Calendar Girls" was the most popular production, especially with the men. (I can't imagine why!)

The Social Committee of Carol Wright, Carol Jacobs and Margaret Tristram, not forgetting Gladys Bloe, who although not on the committee has done sterling work helping, have certainly had a very busy year and deserve our thanks for their hard work. Not only were they involved in the celebratory events already mentioned but also in the organisation of the many other things which take place at the club, and perhaps, most importantly, the culinary creations which appear from the kitchen.

The Christmas festivities began with a Dinner and Dance at the Restaurante Valparaiso on 12th December, when members and friends enjoyed good food, good company and good entertainment. This was followed a few days later by an afternoon of fun bowling, organised by Brian and Jean Lancaster, and then by the Christmas Draw when some excellent prizes were won (or not) in the draw. On this occasion the refreshments, from sandwiches to mince pies, were brought by the members. Do you remember the fairy who made an appearance last year? Her name was Sickasellochristmas, and she was there again. On Boxing Day there was no "official" bowling but some who decided to work off their Christmas Day indulgences on the green were rewarded with punch taken by Rob and Geraldine. The final Christmas event was held on 6th January, Three Kings' Day, with bowling followed by a meal once again prepared by Carol Wright and her helpers, shown here.

Other social events have been Mothers' Day, when bowling was rained off, but a lunch in the form of a carvery was enjoyed at the Casa Kontiki. St. Patrick's Day was recognised once again in March when some bowling was fitted in between the showers.

The first main event to take place at Mijas was, as always, The Ball and Chain, which began in November, but, due to the inclement weather which persisted throughout that month was not completed until December. However, it was worth waiting for, as it was, unusually, an all Mijas final in which Rob and Geraldine Robinson were competing against Frank and Pauline Ball. Unfortunately, Frank and Pauline dropped a six part way through the match from which they were unable to recover and so the game did not go to the full eighteen ends. This made the victors Rob and Geraldine, Rob being described on that occasion as "walking on water" by the losers. This event was sponsored by BMI Insurance.

The second event for the club was the Mijas Masters, held in January, sponsored by Lloyds Bank International, for which there were good entries in both the Triples and the Pairs. There were some excellent, close games all the way through the competition and there were Mijas members in the finals of both disciplines. In the Pairs final Ann and John Fenton enjoyed a very good win against Mike Detheridge and Pat Fisher. Pictured here are Tony and Val Thornton with Robert Wright who very narrowly lost the Triples final.

In the competitions held at other clubs along the coast some Mijas members have had their successes. For example, in the Miraflores Open in November, Barbara Land followed up her 2009 Ladies' Singles win with another when she defeated Kate Morris in the final. Quite a few Mijas members entered the Costa del Sol competition at Miraflores in January in which Geraldine Robinson, Margaret Seed and Pauline Ball were the runners-up in the Triples.

The In-House Championships were held shortly after the Mijas Masters in January. There was some very good bowling resulting in very close games in all the disciplines The results were as follows:

Competition           Winners                                                              Runners-up

Men's Singles          Don Smith                                                            Frank Ball

Ladies' Singles       Pauline Ball                                                          Ann Fenton

Handicap Singles   Ann Fenton                                                           Robert Wright

Drawn Pairs            Kevin Bloe   John Fenton                                    Alan Bloom   Chris Rycroft                                  

Drawn Triples          Rob Robinson  Sue Gerard John Fenton         Kevin Bloe Geoff Collins Janice Ivil

Congratulations to Don Smith who successfully defended his Singles title of 2012 and who should have gone, along with Pauline Ball, to represent Mijas in the Champion of Champions, this year held at Superbowl, but because of ill health Don had to drop out. As the rules forbid the substitution of the runner-up Mijas had no representative in the men's competition. Pauline won a good few of her games but sadly not quite enough to crown her the Champion. It is a pleasure to see some different names among the winners and the finalists. On the Monday evening following the In-House Championships a prize presentation for about fifty members was organised by Tony and Val Thornton at the Restaurante El Guaje in Los Boliches. The two photographs below were taken at that dinner.

"Team Malaga" was a new venture for 2013; members from all clubs were invited to trials to create a Malaga team. Every bowl the contestants bowled was watched and judged and it was a proud day for Mijas when the Captain, Barbara Land and Lynda Hall were both selected to play in Team Malaga. This team then went on to play against the Spanish National Team early in February, and then to play against members of the clubs along the coast here during March. They were scheduled to play against Mijas on 7th March, but it was rained off and there was just no room in the busy calendar to find another date.

Something different was tried over the Easter period this year which took the form of a competition over two days for members only. The players were divided into four teams which each played against the other three. The sponsors of this event were Avalon Funeral Plans and every player won a prize. Following the end of the competition on Tuesday, a party once more went to the Restaurante El Guaje in Los Boliches for a most enjoyable late lunch again organised by Tony and Val Thornton.

During the summer of 2012 the "Triangular" competition was played between Benalmadena, Lauro and Mijas, the format being similar to the Winter League. This time Mijas only managed second place but most importantly the games were all enjoyed by all the bowlers. A lunch at The British Society was organised for after the last match when Benalmadena were announced the winners.

The Winter League, like a lot of other events this season was quite often rain affected, particularly during November and March, but eventually all the games were played. The Tigers did not do too well (what a difference an extra two points would have made) but the Lions excelled by gaining first place again, just like last year. Well done the Lions! Can they make it three in a row? Hopefully the Tigers will do better next winter season.

The League Cup, (the Philip Parnell Trophy), sponsored by The Sports Shop, Fuengirola, nearly brought about another success for Mijas this year as the team, having reached the final, found the opposition, on this occasion to be an unbeatable team from Benalmadena. The Mijas team had to be content with a very creditworthy second place.

Another "nearly" for Mijas was the President's Fours when the team of Frank Ball, Mike Glithero, Chris Rycroft and Pauline Ball fought their way into the final only to find themselves playing against a formidable four from Benalmadena, leaving the Mijas team defeated but by no means disgraced.

Congratulations are due to all the "Triangular", Winter League, League Cup and President's Fours players who put so much time and effort into representing Mijas Bowls Club at all these events, to say nothing about the miles they cover in doing so.

Since the last newsletter Mijas has welcomed in the region of ten visiting teams from the U.K., still very much down on the forty or so teams which used to arrive a few years ago. This means, of course, that the club is not benefiting from the green fees and bar takings to the same extent and also this year rain in March caused one whole day's play to be lost. Nevertheless, all these visitors enjoy the welcome they are given at Mijas to such an extent that one team in April said that they would like to fit another game in if they possibly could.

Mijas has welcomed seven new full members into the club since last October. These were Peter and Val Allard, Hal and June Briscoe, Geoff and Judy Hutton and Stuart Parkin. May they all enjoy a long and happy association with Mijas Bowls Club. There have also been some temporary members who are intending to become full members next year.

Once again Juan has to be thanked for all he does to keep the green,and the clubhouse area, the garden and the car park looking so smart. During the last twelve months he has put up a second hand-rail on the steps from the car park, repainted the balustrade on those steps, painted the toilet doors and floors, extended the overhead covering along the walkway and fitted extra bowls lockers and storage cupboards under the barbecue area. The garden improves with each passing year and the oleanders which Juan planted in the car park along the back of the clubhouse are about to burst into flower for the very first time. What would we do without Juan? Nothing is ever too much trouble for him.

All that remains now is to hope that, wherever you are spending the summer, be it in the heat and the sunshine of Spain or in the less hot and often damp parts of the United Kingdom or Ireland, you have a good summer, with good bowling, and, most importantly good health, so that you will be ready to start the hectic season at Mijas Bowls Club in the autumn.

A very sad finale to this newsletter has to be the reporting of the death, just a short while ago, of George Mist,aged ninety. George and his wife Rose were founder members of the club who thoroughly enjoyed living and bowling in Spain for six months each winter until 2010 when failing health problems forced them to sell up in Spain and return permanently to Kent. Our thoughts are, naturally, with Rose at this time.