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2012/2013 Season
Lions League Winners
Mijas Masters
Winners Pairs Ann & John Fenton
Runners Up Triples Tony & Val Thornton & Robert Wright
Lauro Open
Runners Up Pairs Don Smith & Mike Glithero
Runners Up Triples Lynda Hall, Geoff Hall & Mike Glithero
2011/2012 Season
Winter Championships

Winners Men's Triples

Don Smith, Frank Ball and Mike Glitheroe

Runners Up Ladies Singles Lynda Hall
Runners Up Ladies Pairs Lynda Hall and Pam Cole
Runners Up Ladies Triples Barbara Land, Geraldine Robinson and Pauline Ball
Runners Up Men's Pairs Don Smith and Frank Ball

Runners Up Mixed Fours

Don Smith, Frank Ball, Mike Glitheroe and Pauline Ball
Champion of Champions

Runners Up Ladies Singles

Geraldine robinson

Lions League Winners
Tigers League Runners Up
Annual Ladies 2 Wood Pairs


Barbara Land and Geraldine Robinson

Club In-house Competition
Mens Singles Kevin Bloe
Ladies Singles Geraldine robinson
Drawn Pairs Mike Glithero and Chris Rycroft
Mixed Triples Barbara Land, Harry Tristram and Chris Rycroft
Handicap Singles Geraldine robinson
Ball and Chain
Winners Rob & Geraldine Robinson
Runners Up Terry & Maureen Barret
2010/2011 Season
Club In-house Competition
Mens Singles Don Smith
Ladies Singles Juanita Case
Drawn Pairs Kevin Bloe and John Fenton
Mixed Triples Brian Attwood, Frank Richardson and Geraldine Robinson
Handicap Singles Jimmy Taylor
Winter Championships
Ladies triples Pam Cole, Dine Warn and Lynda Hall
Mens pairs Don Smith and Kevin Bloe